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Posts From the monthly archives: "May 2016"

Workers on Wall Street are worried they could lose their jobs. Builders are concerned there will be no buyers for the condominiums rising into the city sky. And restaurant managers are pondering cutbacks as regulars are eating in more often than out. Career counselors supermarket owners and discount retailers have another view. For them the…(Read More)


A Discount Store


How It Works: When manufacturers and retailers want to ditch a large stock or some duds they call Jack’s. While half of Jack’s products inherently cost around $1 (frozen food Hawaiian Punch) dollar stores are also quietly fed products manufacturers want to expose to a more down-market demographic. “Companies figure that customers…(Read More)


Best 99-Cent Store


Even without a lingering recession Jack’s would be the de rigueur bargain store in town thanks to the variety of cheap stuff they have that can fill your hopes and dreams—and house—for a fraction of what it would cost anywhere else. Why buy Fantastik for three-plus bucks when Jack’s sells…(Read More)


Jack’s World


“Wait there’s more?!?” is a common refrain heard at Jack’s the mother of all dollar stores. The three-story beast is impossible to miss: It’s just down the block from Penn Station and lit up like the Vegas strip. Within its walls are cut-rate versions of anything your thrifty heart may…(Read More)


The Price Is Right


O.K. so you’re trying your best to scrimp. You dilute your bottled water with tap water. You give up premium cable for shadow puppetry. You switch from hard-boiled eggs to soft-boiled to save five minutes’ worth of carbon debits. You quit your job in order to eliminate commuting costs. You’ve…(Read More)


I LOVE shopping at my local Gourmet Garage as much as the next guy. But sometimes I plop a can of chicken broth down on the checkout counter and think “$2.19? For someone to boil chicken bones? I want that job.” So when I heard that the food you can buy at 99-cent…(Read More)